Who are we?

Queenie and Jonathan are Toronto-based yoga instructors who believe that yoga is much more than being able to do advanced postures. The adventure-loving duo are first and foremost students of yoga. After developing a regular practice they realized how awesome it is to share their passion, to inspire others to move, and to live a healthier, happier life. They are able to connect with their students using the insight and intuition gained from watching different body types and practices grow during their travels.  

Where did we start?

Early on in their relationship Queenie and Jonathan started practicing yoga together. As they packed up their lives and moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to the US, and finally from the US back home to Canada, they had the opportunity to learn from a variety of teachers with diverse styles and views on yoga. Their classes are inspired by multiple different yoga lineages, and are usually lighthearted, dynamic, and fun.

You can find them at various studios in Toronto, teaching a variety of classes, from power, core, and vinyasa flows, to yin-yang yoga, cool flow, yin, restorative, and meditation classes.

What are we like?


Queenie's favourite classes to teach are generally faster-paced, vinyasa-power style, where she will encourage you to marry your breath to the movement of the body. She uses each class to teach both fundamental postures and techniques while at the same time introducing interesting new flows and target postures. Expect to be asked to smile while in her classes, and to sweat.

Jonathan focuses on how yoga can improve functional movement, the importance of alignment and stability, and how to keep your body safe while practicing.  He often challenges his students to rethink each pose and their practice so that it better serves themselves. In his class you can expect to be given the tools to take ownership of your practice and to have a few laughs along the way.

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