Amorgos, greece

Come find your focus with Phair Yoga in Greece. The gorgeous island of Amorgos is considered Santorini’s smaller, less touristy cousin. This hidden gem and has been building a name for itself; especially in the international yoga community. The combination of picturesque landscapes, friendly locals, historical landmarks, and quiet atmosphere set the tone for the perfect reset. You can look forward to waking up every day with a view of the Aegean Sea from your own private balcony. The yoga shalas at the hotel include all the equipment you’ll need for your practice: mats, blocks, straps, and bolsters. And far from being tucked away in a corner, practice spaces offer sweeping vistas of the Aegean Sea and surrounding hillsides.

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Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Retreat:

Come deepen your yoga journey as we focus on breathwork, asana practice, and guided meditation. Each day will begin with an invigorating vinyasa flow practice and end with a combination of vinyasa flow and yin practice. Breakfast and dinner is included on the resort, made with fresh ingredients from the hotel’s own organic garden, with vegetarian and vegan options. The resort is equipped with 3 outdoor covered practice spaces, all with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Optional themed workshops on some afternoons will be available, leaving you with ample time for self-practice, relaxing at the spa, or for heading out to explore the island and historical sites!

*Do you have family or friends that want to come, but aren't big yogis? Contact us to speak more about options for families and occasional yoga practictioners that want to tag along, as well as single occupancy, family suites, etc.

*If you came with us on our last retreat, contact us for special perks and pricing!

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Breakfast and dinner are included, giving you the flexibility to plan your day should you decide to explore nearby towns and restaurants for lunch, or take a hike to the hills or beaches with a picnic basket. Thoughtfully prepared traditional Amorgian food and other Greek dishes are the mainstay of the hotel’s restaurant. The core of their cuisine lies mainly in the wide variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and dairy products of the area and from the hotel’s own organic gardens. Mediterranean staples like olive oil, feta cheese, and fresh herbs from the island are featured prominently on the menu, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available upon request.

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Yoga Strong: Bandhas and Balance  Prepare to build strength and endurance in this workshop; learn drills and exercises that will help lay down strong foundations for your practice, including arm balances and inversions.

Forever Young: Spinal Health  Learn about good practice habits for your spine, and keep it feeling young forever! We will be twisting, folding, bending forwards and backwards.  Understand your spine and what it takes to deepen your asanas, and how to practice safely.  

Asana Alignment: Is this right…?  Ever wonder if you’re doing a pose correctly? What is the top hip supposed to do during Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)? What are you supposed to feel in Parsva Konasana (Side Angle Pose)? Are you doing your Downdog right? Should you bend your knees, or keep your legs straight in a forward fold? Come and get your questions answered.  Learn alignment that works for your body.

Activities in the area:

Guided Hiking and Island Tours
The island is crisscrossed with more than 30 different marked historical paths. Most of them are old donkey routes that connect the different villages of Amorgos, as well as monasteries (including the Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa, the 1000 year old gem built into the cliffside), and beaches. Choose from short 2 hour hikes, to full day tours, exploring different villages and traditions, trekking through natural hills and vegetation of the island, learning about historical sites and architecture, and discovering hidden beaches.

Scuba Diving
There are many different diving options on the island suitable for beginners, to experienced divers. You can explore and discover why films like “Deep Blue Sea” were filmed around Amorgos!

Donkey Rides
Discover Aegiali on a donkey! The exact route is determined in consultation with the participants. The walk begins from the traditional village of Tholaria or Langada and passes through the olive groves, leading to different sites and churches in the area. An authentic experience, respectful to the environment and animals, similar to the actual daily life of the local people in Aegiali.

Herbal Tours
Amorgian herbs have been revered since antiquity for their quality and medicinal properties. On the tour, you will learn to distinguish the aromas and appearance of different herbs, and explore the healing features of each plant and ways to use them for your wellbeing and as a gastronomic ingredient!

Cooking Classes
Learn from an Amorgian chef how to make fava, favatokeftedes, vegetable croquettes, methismena, and many more delicious Greek dishes!

Organic Gardens
The hotel has it’s own virgin soil organic garden and it is maintained year round by the owner and his assistants. Their passion for the gardens is connected to their desire to preserve both the tradition and cultural heritage of Amorgos and to place an emphasis on sustainable tourism. Join a guide for a tour of the gardens and be introduced to the herbs, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and fruits being cultivated.